Tuesday, October 18

my life in verse

The past few days have been brimming with action and people.  My friends, old and new, from every sphere of life-- getting married, having babies, graduating from school, graduating from the military, finding new things and unexplored territory.

All of this change.

And I must blog soon.  To you.  Because the words are building up.  And I must sleep soon,  too.  I apologize if this is incoherent...but I miss this.  This writing and connection and hope.  The catching up on life and the wonder it can hold, in change and newness and excitement.

(be)cause everything is rushing in
the cracks,
filling up life
and gaps
and sometimes my hands
can't carry all the beauty

and it spills
out of books and
half-spoken words
in between the dusk
and absolute darkness.

Fall is here.
And I, too, am falling
in love all over again
with everything I knew too
commonly about God.

He gathers the washed up
and worn out and scattered
which means me
and you,
and any other wanderers
and says
"follow me."

And I do,
for some reason.
I trust Him.
Because His words
make the most sense
out of any
I've ever read.

And I do
and I find
a joy
that doesn't run out
tucked under the tranquil half-thought
it doesn't really matter
so much
where I'm going.

Only that He knows the way.

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