how the blog started

I write because words can change people. They changed me, over two years ago.

This blog started as kind of a dare- a place to unfold everything I was grappling with about faith, change, loss, and friendship. I named it after my favorite Langston Hughes poem.

I started writing with no idea that these words would lead to friends. I started getting really honest and people showed up and started saying, "Me too." What started as a dare turned into a place for stories- mine and yours are ours.

I write a lot about God and traveling and forgiveness because these are the things I know. I believe in a God who makes all things new- He's still making me new. That's the story I'm trying to live. These words are just part of the journey. Thanks for joining along.

With all hope,


"Being walkers with the dawn and morning,
Walkers with the sun and morning,
We are not afraid of night,
Nor days of gloom,
Nor darkness--
Being walkers with the sun and morning.
-Langston Hughes