Tuesday, March 8


Everything she owns is sprawled on a floor you wouldn't even want to breathe close to.  She's in the stall on the far right, the one with the creaky door.
The paper crumpled in her hands is covered in red.  She's crying softly.

Your writing is clearly below average and lacks quality.
I'd consider transferring to a community college and rethinking an English major.  Not everyone is meant to be a writer.

That girl- the one with odd, impossible dreams- that was me.

I've come a long way from crying on the university bathroom floor.  I still remember that feeling of being utterly crushed, like all of my dreams were galaxies away.  And yet, that good thing that never feels like it's going to happen- I open my palms to find it there.  I open my mouth to tell you it has.  I open my heart and find that the right words were there all along.

It's with a humble heart and cheer of celebration that I redirect you to (in)courage:

I'm a guest writer today.

Stories, words, writing, sharing life-
sharing all of this with you-
it means more to me than you know
and I'm honored to be apart of it.

so thank you-
just thanks.


Anonymous said...

I dream of writing my story for my grandkids and those beyond that to come.

Holley Gerth said...

Elizabeth, I can't believe someone ever said that to you about your writing. Your guest post on (in)courage is extraordinary. Keep writing, girl, we need your words!

Karissa said...

Your guest post today was absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Elizabeth said...

Anonymous- Keep writing and working at it! Your words have value.

Holley- Thank you for your encouragement. I doubt you'll ever grasp its impact. Just...thanks.

Karissa- Thanks for reading. Hold on to those dreams :)