Thursday, March 3

consistency and grace

[Quick update.  I'm between classes tucked away in a coffee shop.  I hope you're encouraged by the last five hours of my life.]

I blocked out some time today to pray, something I haven't been very consistent about doing lately.

I thought about how much I would love more community and encouragement in my life.  Metro Detroit is a funny city in that no one actually lives close to each other.  Most of my friends are spread out 30 minutes in every direction.  It's near impossible to get all of them together, let alone find the time to hang out one on one. 

That's what I was thinking about while walking around campus today and bumped (literally) into a good friend.  We had a crazy wonderful conversation about God and the church and what it means to be a body and care about people.

And then I ran into another friend, who I barely ever see, and got to talk about what God is doing in our lives.

And then I stopped in the food court to have lunch and ran into TWO more friends who invited me to talk.

At this point, I am dancing with excitement.  It's like I literally cannot escape community.  Everywhere I turned, I saw more people who I never usually see who were encouraging, uplifting, honest, and insightful.

In case that's not enough, FOUR more friends later, I'm overwhelmed with the feeling that I'm incredibly loved.  Five hours ago I sleepily prayed for more community, not even knowing what I was asking.  Or maybe not fully realizing to whom.  Not only was I encouraged a little, I was flooded with people.  believers.  hopers. dreamers.  friends.

And I sit here in between classes feeling so good, and a little bit shocked, at how I always get so much more than I deserve.  That's the tide of grace, or so I find myself relearning.


amyellison said...

sounds like an awesome day! hehe - i love how God sometimes floods us with answered prayes - so there can be no questioning - no doubting that he cares.

Jenny said...

YOu have such a sweet and beautiful blog. I'm a new follower ;)

Holley Gerth said...

I loved your post on (in)courage today. LOVED it.

Elizabeth said...

Jenny & Holley- Thank you both for the encouragement! (In)courage is one of my favorite sites and I'm giddy and grateful to be a part of it.