Thursday, May 12


The sun is staying out longer these days, and it feels so good.

Since my last post, I roadtripped to Ohio to see some sweet friends.  The open road and open windows gave me plenty of time and space to think about things.

Whenever I'm struggling, God always seems to instantly surround me with family.  Somewhere between the long talks and loud laughs, I started feeling like myself again.  I hope you have people like this- people who remind you of rest and beauty.

While driving home, I realized that I was headed toward a city.

That's what my life seems to be like lately- a never ending choice between cities.  Detroit, VA Beach, New York, Indianapolis, Moscow.  But those places aren't my home.

As I'm constantly changing and making choices-
I pray that I would find my home in God.

My deepest desire is to build my life on the things that matter.

Whatever that looks like, whatever that means, wherever it takes me, I know I'll carry home with me.  It's in God and the people He loves and in the people that love me back.  May my treasure be found there.

Thanks friends, for walking with me through these things.  For reading and caring and being with me in the big questions.  There's a lot going on these days, and I have a feeling you'll be hearing from me much more often. 

May this find you well, warm, and encouraged.

Home is never as far as it seems.

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