Monday, April 18

Day 17

Dear friend, I miss you.
The end of the semester has me tangled in responsibilities.
I confess that I did not wear the dress yesterday- only because I did not get out of bed.
It's safe to say that I'm extremely sick.  As I dazed in and out of sleep, I thought about the women involved in sex trafficking.  I feel so grateful that I can fall asleep in safety, knowing that when I wake up there will be no one beside me.  There will be no one looming over me.  There will be no one, except for me.
I pray, pray, pray that they might someday have that same feeling of safety- which is a rightful necessity, not an earned luxury.
There's so much more to share, but I should end here.  If you're reading- I am more grateful for you than you could possibly know.
Your story is beautiful and your worth is infinite.  Keep fighting for that.
PS- I haven't had much time to take pictures.  The gray-sweatered girl is me and the dress at a writer's meeting.  In this picture, I'm reading For the Sparrows...which is being published(?!)  More on that coming soon.

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Amy Ellison said...

oh! dear elizabeth, i am so sorry you are sick! i pray that you'll get plenty of rest and that God's healing oil will pour over you - and make you well faster than you can imagine.

you have so many exciting things happening! i love reading about it.