Saturday, April 7


The moon was close last night,

so white and glowing I wanted to know what it was thinking.

I wondered if it saw right through me,

that I have no idea where I am going.

You see: I make my own plans.

They tend to fall apart.

And then, untrusting, I tend to fall apart,

seams and thread and all.

But in the planning, and knowing, and sewing,

you should know this:

Once I chose what I thought I needed-

convinced that my heart couldn't live without

something other than God.

Even in my wandering, He had a plan

so great to reach down and scoop me up

out of my own selfishness, even if it

cost His son.  Even if He had to kneel

in the dirt to show me what love is.

This is rescue: when I chose myself,

when I spit in His face,

He pulled me out of my graves,

once and for all.

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