Monday, March 19

With us.

Dear friend,

What a crazy spring season of life.  Spring seems to set all things into motion--change and action and growth.

Many of my friends are graduating, moving, or getting married.  There seems to be this increased pressure on their hearts.  And on my own, too, sometimes.  We are all trying to figure out why we're here and what we're supposed to do next.  In between waiting and living, we work too many hours and try to quiet our questions.  It is easy to be anxious, but it is so poisonous to our spirits.

The unknown can be scary because it's open and untamed and wild.  The future has this way of feeling really big and looming, even if it's exciting.  Last week felt loud with questions, and I went into my room, shut the door, opened every window, and began to pray.  I took out my Bible and remembered Immanuel- the God that is with us.

God with us when we're excited.  When spring and life are vibrant.  God with us when we're tired.  When we have no idea what to do.  Sometimes I get wrapped up in other things and forget the truth of the gospel- that God would send His son to close the gap between us.  I don't understand a love like that.    But that love He has for me- it drives out all fear.  It quiets my questions.  Immanuel, God with us, is with us.  And there's no reason to fear.

With hope,

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amyellison said...

Such a powerful thought...."God with us"

Thanks for the reminder.

So glad you're back! ;)