Saturday, June 18


[joyful in hope
patient in affliction
faithful in prayer]

dear friend,
I hope this finds you well.
I haven't written lately because
my words have gone missing, a little.

[hope]fully that they turn up
under a couch cushion somewhere
and I don't have to go
untangle them from the ocean,
which was the last place
I found them
and me
when life got lost
in the tide.

if you think of it-
pray for me?
that I would find
whatever it is that I seem
to have dropped
on the way to somewhere
which doesn't seem so much,

I'll be back in a little while,
but for now
I need to go get good and lost
in that stepping off the edge
drawing in the dirt
woman at the well
kind of faith.

the kind that reminds me
of the yank-back feeling
a parachute has
when you're hurling
a million miles an hour
toward an unforgiving ground
you're safe.

 With hope


1 comment:

Amy Ellison said...

the words will come back eventually.

in the meantime, i hope you enjoy getting lost in the eyes of Father...