Saturday, March 26


Magnetic refrigerator poetry thoughts.

Sometimes they're the only way to capture the hummingbirds in my head.
Because my heart beats a million miles a minute somedays.
For people and for the things they've heard. For you.

For the days that crawl by at an aching speed, begging for relief.

For the stories that so many are silent about sharing.

For the person that's been defined too many times by other people's words.


to build
shelters that chase away rain

to fight away darkness
and usher in light

I think
it's alright to tilt at windmills sometimes.

it's alright to not know where you're going
or have all the answers
or be
all the time.

so this is your permission
to go where the wind is

to use your words
to mark where the symphony finishes

to be outlandishly kind
and wildly forgiving

because sometimes we miss life in the living

and a little uplifting
is just what we need

to dance in the shadows
and take a minute to breathe

so come seek shelter from the storm
come by the fire and warm
your hands
that were made for holding
and writing
and building
and molding
and so many other good things

I'll tell you a story
write you a song
because the only words
that I've been told
are this:


no tap dance,
no jumping through hoops,
no prerequisite-
just you.

And if you've been told the opposite,
I'll string words together
and pull back the tether
and fight Goliath-sized lies
to find what is true.

So if you are tired,
come rest for awhile,
shake off the old
and welcome the new

there is nothing to do
and nothing to prove
and no one to be
except you.


Clayton W. said...

I love this so much. Beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Clayton!