Saturday, February 12


This semester has exploded.

Thankfully, not just with work and responsibilities but with friends.

Who knew that could happen?

More than ever before, I've been meeting people that really inspire me.

People who believe in God.
People who believe in the power of words.
People who believe in taking big risks.
People that are planning trips to every corner of the earth.
People who believe that other people matter.
People who believe that making a life and making a living are two different things.

It's said that when you train for a race, you don't want to run with people your speed.  You want to run with people who are faster than you are, better than you are, and more enduring than you are.  That way, eventually, you'll be just as fast as they are.  You're less likely to quit and you're less likely to run how you think you're capable of running.  Because you're running with people who push you.

That's what I feel like.  I feel like I'm running with people who see the same finish line that I do.  And they're not slowing up or giving up until they get there.

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I had coffee with a friend this week who was refreshingly honest and a fantastically good listener.  Her words and her silence were life-giving.

It occurred to me that not only was I being encouraged, I was in courage- wading through it with my jeans rolled up to the knee.  Sometimes I think we forget that life takes a great deal of courage- especially if you're really going to live it.  Being vulnerable and wrestling with things and taking risks requires a lot of reminders that we're not alone.  We need people in it with us who are willing to speak truth, encouragement, and beauty that will ultimately push us forward in love.

A friend once told me that we have who we need in our life when we need them.  She's a believer that each friendship has a specific purpose for a specific season of life.

I don't know the times or the seasons, but I know the sound of grace.  If you're reading this- thank you for running with me.

People with wild dreams and open hearts have reminded me that the destination is worth the journey.

So keep running, friends.  I'm right beside you.

Keep dreaming.  I'm there too.

Keep hoping.
Keep planning.
Keep loving.
Keep risking.


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