Tuesday, December 21

"Love with reason, love without reason, and love with reason not to."

In all honesty, I sucked at that today.

I write these things not because I have everything together, but because I don't.  Sometimes I'm unloving and argumentative and completely awful.
And that's exactly the point.   To examine our flaws together, to trace every knick and every fissure.  To work on them, piece by piece, day by day, moment by moment.  To put goodness back together again.

 love joy  peace  patience  kindness  gentleness  self-control

Let us set our compass north and head in the true direction of home
[even when we feel lost]
Let's try to make peace where there isn't any
[and be honest when we fall short]
Let's attempt to right the wrongs
[and admit that sometimes we don't have all the answers]

Let us try again tomorrow
[and thank God for the grace to begin again]

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