Monday, December 6

It's finals week.  My brain is mush, but I'm leaving you with a November memory:

I got to help lead a discussion today, but it was so much more than that.

I got to stand in front of a class today and say that we matter.  Your story matters, and what you have to say is unique and important.  There are things in your life worth fighting for, worth writing about, and worth sharing with other people.

I got to ask questions and grapple with answers.  I got to be a part of a discussion about need, poverty, community, isolation, richness of spirit, individual struggle, and sweet victory.

There's no way this is going on my resume.  Take a breath and reach deep down in that part of the heart that aches every time it feels like none of your dreams are possible or even close to coming true.  That's where I'm tucking today away- do you feel it, right there?  Today is wrapped in a blue-cloud cloth, tucked away from cynicism and pessimism and all the other -isms that try to tell you to stay silent when you feel like singing.

For all of the moments that have felt insignificant, today, this day, was for you.

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