Sunday, September 19

I'm removing the word "busy" from my vocabulary.


I know I say it too much.  It carries the connotation that I have so much to do, and that in the grand scheme of my life, doing stuff is more important than being with people.  And that is so untrue.  The truth is that school takes up the majority of my time and energy, probably more than I'd like to admit.  But the day that I find I care more about what I'm doing than who's with me for the not a day I want to face.  Sometimes I find myself stressed out by classes and the future and the overall state of my life and I take a breath and remind myself that it's not a race.  It's not about who can finish first or how many medals you have at the end.  No one is keeping score.  So do what matters to you.  Find what you're passionate about.  Be around people who know you and are known by you.  Be relentlessly loving.  Try something you never thought possible.  You might be surprised.

There's a canvas in front of me with brushes beside it.  There's a church service tonight with a dear friend.  There's a script I need to finish writing and there's a creator that's still writing my story.

You can't hear me, but I'm singing this song-

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